Tell the Louisiana DA to file charges — Justice for Joe McNight


Be a Seed for Change

We can’t let Joe McKnight’s killer go free.

“This isn’t about race,” said Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand after he released the killer of former NFL star Joe McKnight with no charges.1

In 2016, when a white man chases down a Black man in his car and shoots him, it’s hard toWe can't let Joe McKnight's killer off the hook. imagine it had nothing to do with race.  And if one thing IS clear, it’s that the decision to let Ronald Gasser–previously arrested in 2006 for beating someone in another road rage incident–go free of charges is about protecting yet another white murderer.2

Today, we’ll see the NFL honor Joe McKnight’s life during today’s games, while the systems that were supposed to protect him make it clear that his Black life didn’t matter to them. It’s enraging. But if the Sheriff’s department won’t file charges and arrest Gasser, the District Attorney’s office must. In 2012, when…

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