Why does trump continue to send … colourful floaters


Be a Seed for Change

balloongiphy Having to read, hear or watch the trump cabinet continue to send up trial balloons has been and is a seemingly trump behavior to be sure and it not only annoys me, it stinks, wreaks of fear mongering, infers a dictatorship in the making and that old mainstay that republicans used more than anyone should have to hear… Our future is “uncertain” in every shape and form you can now unfortunately imagine. We don’t know who will be in it but the floaters give off a bad foul odor knowing  the comments this man has made in general let alone the ones about women is something that no person with common sense can ignore deny or pass off as locker room talk or as his wife said … teenage boys talking whispers etc. uh the guy is a grown up at say 70yrs old and a phrase that will be…

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