Trump’s Dangerous White House Team

nazis team!

Be a Seed for Change

Donald Trump campaigneStop Trump's toxic agenda. Join the fight.d on a divisive agenda of racism, misogyny, and xenophobia. Now Trump and his cronies have formally begun their assault on our core American values.

Trump’s responsibility as President-elect is to appoint responsible and qualified leaders to head our government agencies, set national policy, and stand up for American interests and values.

Instead, Trump selected a white nationalist champion1 as his chief strategist and a climate science denier2 to head his EPA transition team.

Donald Trump has unequivocally failed in his first responsibility as President-elect and shown that he will likely govern the way he campaigned — pitting Americans against each other, spreading hate and fear, and promising to befriend Big Oil insiders and corporate polluters.3

We can’t sit back and let Trump get his way. We must stand together and demand better. This is what a robust democracy is all about.

Meet some…

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