Where is Happiness? How to get there?


Gifts & Miracles

Hello world!

Today I would like to tell you my story about loving and show you how I learnt to access happinesswith the help of it.

It was exactly the night of this day 19th of August last year when the idea of starting a German language blog came flying into my mind. The idea came as the result of me looking for ways to bring myself to practicing German language on a daily basis. And when the idea hit my mind, it shook me so strongly with excitement that I had to get out of my bed, buy the domain name and write a “Hello world!” message before I was able to go to sleep.


Then that German blog lead me to creating a general blog with a general name, where Lindaand I could share just about anything that we like with each other and we named it “Gifts&Miracles“. The…

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