Be a Seed for Change

They sent her racist slurs and called her an “ape.”

They directed rape and death threats at her — and her five-year-old daughter.

They threatened her and posted her personal information on the Internet, which led to a bomb threat at an event where she was scheduled to appear. She had to cancel her speaking engagements because she feared for her life.

These women are actress Leslie Jones, author Jessica Valenti, and blogger Anita Sarkeesian, respectively, and their stories are all too common. What did they do to deserve these horrific threats? Simply put, they were women on Twitter.

Twitter has become a haven for trolls, spam, insults, abuse, and harassment. It’s not surprising, given that each tweet has the potential to reach millions of users — and there’s very little preventing people from sending threatening and hateful messages. Even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey admits the company, despite having a…

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