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By CAP Action War Room

Paul Ryan Says “You Don’t Want To Miss” Time With Your Kids, Opposes Family Leave

At a CNN Town Hall yesterday, House Speaker Paul Ryan was asked about the need for managing the competing demands of work and family. “What advice would you have for fathers on carving out time with their children—particularly those who don’t have as much career flexibility as you do?” an audience member asked. “I lost my dad when I was a kid. So I grew up wanting a father,” Ryan responded. “I think, if you’re raising kids, and they’re at this formative stage—in our family 11, 13 and 14—they only grow up once. And you don’t want to miss that time. You don’t want to have regrets. You want to be a part of their life.”

And he is right. Many Americans don’t want to miss time with their children…

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