Did you know there are fewer than 100 Orcas .. Our Southern Resident population


Be a Seed for Change

Take action to protect orcas

Orcas are majestic animals. They’re highly intelligent and devoted to their families. They hunt together and share food. They capture our imaginations.

And they’re in trouble.

Of special concern is the Southern Resident population of orcas that inhabits the waters near Seattle, Puget Sound and the Washington and Oregon coasts. Fewer than 100 of these spectacular creatures survive today. And their future in the wild is increasingly uncertain.

The fish-eating Southern Resident orcas face multiple threats; from poisonous chemicals in the food chain, to noise pollution, to chemical discharges into the waterways the orcas call home.

With your help, Defenders is taking on the issues that threaten orcas. We’re pressing for a cleanup of derelict and abandoned ships that ooze toxic pollutants into the water, and we’re helping to enforce the new “rules of the road” for boat traffic to minimize harmful encounters between orcas and vessels.


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